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After the harvest, strictly by hand, in September, the grapes are softly pressed to separate the must from the stalks and the skins. After having deposited the thicker part for about a day and therefore remaining only the clear must, it is left to ferment with selected yeasts for about 20 days at a temperature of about 17 °C. After fermentation, the wine is cooled to about 3 °C and mixed to mix the lees and release flavors and aromas into the wine. After which the wine is decanted 3 times in a month to separate the lees from the clear wine. Finally it is filtered and put in storage in steel barrels for at least 2 months. After 4 or 5 months the wine is ready to be bottled using sterile filters, to avoid second fermentation in the bottle, at a maximum temperature of 8 °C.

Organoleptic Characteristics: A good fruity, fragrant white with a special scent of apple, pear and fresh mineral character. Characterized by a beautiful pale yellow color with golden shades. Fresh, delicate, full-bodied with a well-balanced palate, a fresh mineral finish and an elegant aftertaste. Pleasant and delicious.

Harvest Period: September
Yield per hectare: 100 q.lli Ha grapes
Vinification: fermentation with selected yeasts, cooled and mixed
Refinement: in steel barrels for at least 2 months
Alcohol: 12.50% – 13.50%
Aging: 3 years
Serving Temperature: 14-16 °C

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