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"In my name my job"

When, at the end of the seventy years of official activity of our company, we put into production a line of high-end wines intended for our best customers, we wanted to pay homage to our ancestors and, especially, to their far-sighted vision.

We have therefore "baptized" this new line of wines with a name that bears and indicates the future of the company: TREVITIS. TREVITIS.
A name that sums up the life, experience and knowledge of the old and new generations, so much so that we can say that never as in this case:

 In my name my job!!


Born at the beginning of the last century, it is a family-run company that encompasses the story of people who love their land.
For generations, the culture of vine cultivation has been handed down from father to son
The passion with which the vines are grown continues in the cellar, pursuing the constant improvement of quality thanks to the knowledge that only time and experience can provide.
And it is thanks to the passion for our work and the love for our hills and our vineyards that part of our happiness in producing it is also found in our wine.

The result of our efforts has materialized in recent years in the selection and promotion of our best wines, intended for a more attentive, sensitive and demanding costumers
Here is our selection “Trevitis”that we proudly present here

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